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Angry Break it up, you two.

This isn't the "NW forum," it's the Northwest WorldPerks forum. I'm a WorldPerks member. I am not a Flying Blue member - and under the terms of the joint venture, can't be one, since I live in the U.S.

As a WorldPerks member, I participate in the WorldPerks forum, not the Flying Blue one. When something happens to me solely because of my WorldPerks elite status, I don't think it odd to post in the WorldPerks forum. In this case, the carrier is a red (tail) herring.

If the information above doesn't constitute a sufficient rationale for why I posted here originally, instead of continuing to go back and forth with Mike, please just PM one of the moderators - xyzzy, slippahs or thezipper - and suggest that the thread be moved. It's been here for almost a month now - maybe they just didn't notice it.


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