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Originally Posted by RichMSN View Post
Yeah, the next thing you know, the purser comes through and puts little foam wedges aside your legs and on the floor so you don't get any extra seat space, either. You pays for Y, you gets Y.

I truly despise KLM.
That's unnecessary for an intra-Europe op-up on KLM since there is no extra room in first place with the exception of a very small # of 737's with 2/3 seating forward (which may well have reverted to 3/3 by now).

KLM uses a moveable curtain. An op up just means you get to fill dead space in the forward area.

There is nothing particular select about Europe Select. I wouldn't pay nickel for it. Calling Europe Select "World Business Class" is a bad joke.

It's pathetic that they skipped over you in the meal service. My wife and I did receive a nice shrimp lunch on an AMS-OSL op-up a while back.
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