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Let's be clear - she wasn't kept off the plane for having the breastmilk. They would have let her through if she dumped the bag of milk. She chose to leave the airport (taking her milk with her) rather than dump the milk.

This is a personal issue with me - I made a few trips, 2 international ones, as a lactating mom and I've transported breastmilk dealing with the current stupid restrictions. Basically, you can't pump outside the secure area and bring the milk thru the checkpoint. She shouldn't have pumped in the AA office; she should have gone inside the secure area and then pumped. If she had, she could have carried the milk on her flight and to her destination. She also can pump on the plane (disgusting but you can pump in the lav - I've done it quite a few times) to maintain your milk supply.

According to the article, the woman "said she explained that she was carrying several days of food for her infant daughter". But also said she was only carrying 3 oz of milk? Doesn't add up - 3oz is about a third of a single meal for a 10 month old (the same age as my son, he drinks 3 9oz bottles a day of milk). Doesn't add up.

She just got really lucky that she got away with it on prior trips. I frankly wouldn't risk having to dump all that milk - I packed a cooler and checked it to transport my milk home after my trips (and prayed it wouldn't get lost).

According to the article, the TSA also said she'd have to check her pump. That's hard to believe, I never found any issue carrying my pump as long as it was within carryon limits. I couldn't carry on gel ice packs per regulations. But I always was able to bring my pump through checkpoints, as well as empty (6oz) containers.

Of course, the issue here is why the TSA has a restriction on breastmilk when you're NOT with your baby, though you can carry breastmilk if you have your baby with you....
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