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Question on 6-8 flight cancellations

Just a question here from someone not all that knowledgeable on cancellations. My fiancee was booked on Friday afternoon from AVL-MDW through Detroit. Weekend trip, was to have arrived home Sunday night. Flight from AVL to Detroit was cancelled. She called and was told the cancellation was due to weather. Weather in AVL wasn't bad at all, there was a line of strong storms through the midwest though. They said they couldn't get her on the next flight either, Saturday morning, since it had been cancelled as well due to weather (already? at 2:00 Friday afternoon?). She tried to rebook for end of July and was told that she'd have to pay the difference in fare plus a $100.00 change fee since this was weather related. Came to like $300.00 she'd have to pay in change fees altogether.

After reading the next day about some problems at LaGuardia that caused many flights throughout the east to be cancelled, was this really weather related? And is it typical on a cancelled flight like this to have to pay that much to rebook? Neither of us had ever had this happen before. I would appreciate any thoughts any of you may have, and thank you!
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