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Originally Posted by gilpin View Post
That's true enough. Finding a functioning ATM shouldn't be hard though, even if the first one you encounter doesn't work. I wouldn't bother taking Euros unless you are a nervous type. If all else fails you can probably exchange some cash at the airport or train station (at poor rates). A travelling friend also might be able to front you a couple of Euros just in case.
I'm not actually thinking of ATMs not working - but about communications with the ATMs and your particular bank failing. It's happened to me all over the world, Spain included. I have friends and family in Spain so no problems for me when I spend hours or days without access to cash, but for a tourist, they might want to consider how they'd handle this scenario.

I'll take this opportunity to repeat again, going to Madrid and focusing solely on Art galleries and museums really is missing the point.

I'm very proud of my Spanish heritage, the museums are wonderful and definitely worth seeing. But not going out in the evenings...? Unthinkable!
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