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Originally Posted by LapLap View Post
Madrid is a social city, that's its main charm - anyone who goes solely for museums and pre-determined notions of culture is missing the point.
People choose a destination based on what is important to them. If the goal is strictly to see musuems then that is a valid reason. Even in that case they will no doubt discover that Madrid has many other great things to offer once there.

Originally Posted by LapLap View Post
The ATMs aren't 100% reliable though.
That's true enough. Finding a functioning ATM shouldn't be hard though, even if the first one you encounter doesn't work. I wouldn't bother taking Euros unless you are a nervous type. If all else fails you can probably exchange some cash at the airport or train station (at poor rates). A travelling friend also might be able to front you a couple of Euros just in case.
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