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Originally Posted by Points Scrounger View Post
It's not so much the individual server would care. More a matter that an owner might, giving an instruction such as: "If anyone gives you a card with an airline logo on it, run it through our 'other' [non-RN] machine." Far-fetched, but I could see at least a few disillusioned owners considering it as a fantasy.
Wouldn't stop me! Given that I have multiple dining programs, the only cases where I use an airline card is where they give me one free for a year. Otherwise it's various (often hotels that don't participate in iDine/RN most typically) no annual fee cards. So I'd breeze through most of these restaurants.

However, I do save all my receipts, plus you can always use the credit card statement if you lost the receipt*, so there's no way I would let a restaurant get away with trying to not run my card through the right machine to avoid RN unless they don't charge me period (and what's the savings for them in that?!?).

*If you don't have a scanner, the additional advantage of using a credit card statement -- which can be the in-progress "unbliled activity" report -- is that you can save the web page to a file, then email that as an attachment and do the whole thing via email, not having to talk to a person at iDine/RN and not having to fax anything. (Of course, it's easier if it's a card you use for nothing but RN dining, because then you don't mind giving them the whole statement page from online, as long as it doesn't show your full account number.)
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