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LGW CE Enhancememts

I had the misfortune to pay for CE out of LGW for an extra 118 return. LGW-FCO on Tuesday, NAP-LGW yesterday. Things seem to have got worse out of LGW in CE.

I was told by the flight attendent that there had been changes to the meal service in the last month, on my particular flights at least.

Outbound, 10:55 to FCO: "Lunch" (previously hot food or salad?) has been replaced with a "late breakfast" consisting of a small plate of cold ham and cheese and 5 small peices of friut. Only one piece of bread was offered. I chose CE because I knew I had no chance to eat again until 9pm that night. I left the plane hungry so, I had to buy a sandwich in Rome.

Return 15:20 NAP-LGW last night: No papers in lounge, on boarding or in the plane. I know this has been the case for some time, but BA can't assume that papers will be available in a 3rd party lounge.

But the food was: 2 small tasteless sandwich quarters, a small piece of quiche, a cake and a small scone. Alcholoic drinks were not served with the meal and only one was offered then (this was not an operational cock-up but clearly their offering). Later, another "Tea or Coffee Sir" was offered - I had to ask for another wine. I had had no chance for lunch beforehand, so I was again hungry.

CE was stuffed with middle seats all taken. Several passengers appeared unhappy / refused the food.

Monopoo was back, however.

I chose to fly CE for practical reasons, such as not having the time to eat other than on the plane. A proper meal should be provided at lunch time.

BA should either offer a business class product or ditch it altogether. Having a deliberately inconsistent product (LGW vs LHR) must be bad business? ??
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