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Did anyone ask directly why passenger paging isn't being done when a bag alarms? All's that needed is a video camera and telephone. I don't like the idea of strangers going through my stuff while I'm not present or watching.
It's a cost issue. The big emphasis within the TSA is to streamline the operation to make it is as fast and efficient as possible. Passenger interaction in the checked baggage process is extremely labor intensive. Even though the technology and screening process is better today, still a large percentage of bags need to be opened for screening. Paging the passenger would involve placing the bag aside and waiting for the passenger to arrive/not arrive. This is not a practical solution.

When one hundred percent baggage screening was rolled out, the goal was to eliminate passenger participation in the baggage screening process. The simple reason is that it takes much longer to screen a bag while the passenger is present. The airlines were also concerned about creating another waiting station at the airport. That is passengers wait in line at the ticket counter and screening checkpoint, they didn't want to create another line at the baggage screening station. For these reasons, there has been a major push to move baggage screening away from the public.

Could the TSA screen every opened bag only with the passenger present, yes but it would necessitate more TSA resources. I understand why passengers would want this. And I personally would not object to the passenger being present. However there is a cost.

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