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Originally Posted by hsmythe View Post

Thanks for the trip report.

Was the KLM segment on the 747-400Combi (ie, combined passenger/freighter) version or the full passenger version ? I flew the KLM combi version 15 months ago LAX-AMS in WBC and found it only so-so. The Combi has a very limited Coach capacity -- including a strange but nice, quiet forward coach cabin which is just 1/2 or maybe 1/3 the airplane width.

Re: your photos: I noticed only the thumbnail versions are directly accessible ... but by editing the URL to remove ".th" near the end, one can call up the full-size versions of the pics.

I think it was the combi version. I am not sure, did not pay much attention. but with the number of passengers, I don't think it was the full version.
Well, I do have the same opinion as you on the WBC service. I would not pay out of my own pocket for it as it is not value for money. Between KLM and Air France, I still prefer AF's Biz class. Seats on KLM are old, food service is not that good. What you are paying is just for that extra space.

Thanks for the tip on the photos. I normally try not to put the full photos just for users with low bandwidth/speed.

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