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Turkish Airlines and Europe

Originally Posted by Jimmy67 View Post
Just to complete your posting:
*A will have Turkish Airlines soon

Good point. However, the term "Middle East" as it refers to a specific region of the Globe, has several different and accurate definitions. Some of these definitions include Turkey, and some do not.

Whether or not Turkey is, and should be, considered "Middle East" is a fascinating subject. The answer may be, in part, in the context in which the term "Middle East" is being used. Additionally, who is using the term is important along with when and how the term is being used.

Since the end of World War II until several years ago, Turkey had been identifying more with Europe than countries and regions to the east. Turkey joined NATO and still is a member of NATO. Additionally, Turkey has had intentions to become a member of the EU. Most people in west and west-central Turkey identified more with Europe.

Today, however, in Turkey there seems to be more of a turning towards and identification with the east and Middle East. What happens in the future, only time will tell.

As for Turkish Airlines, I have considered it to be more of an European airline the Middle Eastern airline. Maybe it is just my perspective. I would really like hear the opinions of others. However, such a discussion may be the topic of another forum.
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