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Originally Posted by avidflyer View Post
Just curious if the addition of Elite Extraperks SWU's are changing your travel patterns. I have noticed quite a few FT'ers have pretty high EQM balances at the sub 6 Month point in the year. I would likely have hit it both levels anyway but I am feeling a bit driven to get my first 2 SWU's! I may actually do a MR next month and I never have done one because I fly so much there has never been a need (still not but I am just wanting to get 2 in the bank!). I will hit 90K after a flight today and with AMS on Saturday and 2 additional transcons over the next few weeks I will be getting close. I typically fly about 180K a year so this is slightly high for me at the pre-midway point. Anyone else?
I am so glad the problem is yours, flying 180K and thinking of a MR is probably what NW hoped for with the SWU's!
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