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Originally Posted by JumboD View Post
BUR doesn't offer as much convenience to vacationers (IMO) or non-industry types (or even industry types who don't live/work near BUR), so you'd have to bank on the high-rev traffic, who travel in premium cabins (and fill more than the 22 seats on a 757).
With several "vacation runs" into BUR under my belt, usually cheaper from DFW and without near the headfaches of LAX, I diagree. I find the airport conveneient in all aspects. Car rental is quick, and most of the folks I see/care about and the resturants and sites I frequent are those tacky, low class Valley dwellers, barely a step ahead of trailer trash and cedar choppers.

On my occasional business flights, the seats in back seem filled by the normal crew of managers and techs in a world where fewer folks have employers who routinely fork over the higher fare, leaving only the upgrade route which AA is certainly not going to take out economy seats to add fewer seats up front for riders not paying the freight.

When I used to fly out twice a year for the Navy Reserve in Long Beach, I flew there, easier and quicker. Now BUR serves my needs. I guerss if friends moved to Orange County, I might change again....
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