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Originally Posted by dbuckho View Post
While we are discussing alternate airports, I would like an LAX-LGA non-stop!

I used to live in DC and took the shuttle up to New York all the time. Certain times of day I could be in Times Square 30 minutes after landing. I had never flown to JFK until I moved out here. AA's new terminal is fine, but JFK is more of a pain in the ... to get to/from than LGA.

A couple things to add to the serious discussion here. Used to work for GE. Corporate fleet is at HPN, but very few people get to use the planes. As far as the corporate travel policy, GE does enough business with every airline (think Aircraft Engines, GE Capital Aviation Leasing, etc) to have decent discounts with everyone. But even still they were one of the first companies to let employees book direct with WN. They could care less about who is flying where - more concerned with the lowest cost. Even though AA seemed to be preferred over the others when I was there, the self-booking computer system would always list the lowest fare as within policy - even if it was another airline - and make you fill out an exception reason if you wanted a higher fare (even if it was on AA).

Also, as mentioned earlier, ignore where the studios are. I work for one of the ones not in Burbank. Our folks - including execs - live everywhere from Malibu to Semi Valley to Pasadena to Westside LA to the Valley to Riverside to Orange County. Pay more attention to the entitlement policies to understand what drives even the folks who live out near Ontario to fly from LAX. For flights over 5 hours, lots of employees from the mid-level up are entitled to business class, but only if it is a 3 class aircraft. Even if they had BUR-JFK non-stop, I doubt it would be 3-class. Our folks can fly from whatever airport they want. But I know most of them would still take the extra time to get to LAX for a more comfortable ride to New York.

You also get a fair number of people traveling together in our industry since many of the functions are centralized in LA. (vs. some other industries where employees may be more spread out). I live in Santa Monica, but the three folks I travel with the most live in Calabasas, Studio City, and somewhere near Chino respectively. For short trips to LAS/SFO/PHX we will usually fly from LAX/BUR/ONT and meet there. But for NYC or other places on the east coast, we all meet at LAX and fly together. LAX ends up being the most central for the group.
LGA has mile limits on flights (1,500 miles I think) except on Saturdays and DEN (UA, Frontier) is also exempt. But would love to see a LGA-LAX direct.
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