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I hedged my bets last summer and flew enough on AA to make their Platinum Challenge. I've been a NW Plat for over 10 years and Gold for 10 years before that. NW has had a labor attitude problem for that entire time but I have seldom seen it as bad as this. The attitude starts at the top in upper management but permeates all ranks. Until there is a shift in management to a paradigm that sees the FA's, GA's and pilots as part of the solution and not the problem..AND.. until those same FA's, GA's, pilots and their unions stop their "it's all about me" and "to h*ll with management" attitude and realise that they too can end up like their former colleagues at Eastern, things will not get better.

We are already getting FT reports of GA's and FA's who could care less about customer service. I believe this will get much worse before (or if) it gets better. My prediction: Either a merger, takeover buyout, or Chapter 13 (dissolution) within 3 years.
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