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Thumbs down My first international op-up was LAME.

I was flying EDI-AMS-IST Friday afternoon on KLM. Ordinarily, I'd be flying out on a Saturday, but I had to start doing some stuff on Sunday this time. Was first in the business/elite line at check-in, and to my surprise, the agent told me I'd been upgraded to business class on my first segment, and gave me boarding passes for 1F EDI-AMS and 6A AMS-IST.

Having already flown a dozen intra-Europe segments on KLM since late February, I knew full well that this didn't mean anything resembling a real business class at all. I was surprised, though, by how little it did mean.

I went to the lounge and hung out, as I always do as a SkyTeam Elite Plus. Having a Euro Select boarding pass meant not having to show my elite card, but I would have gotten in anyway.

I pre-boarded and got my nice seat, just like all the other seats on the plane, but with an empty middle seat next to it... until a Dutch fellow bigger than me came and sat in the middle seat. In fact, I think there was only one empty middle seat in all of ES. So I was in 1F, bulkhead seat... but I was also in a window seat on a packed 737.

Hot food came... but not for those of us who'd been op-upped. All 3 people in my row (1D-1F) got no hot food.

We did get cookies, and maybe they were nicer than the cookies in Y, but I don't know. I think the apple juice may have been better than the apple juice in Y, and it was served in a real glass. And I got seconds on the apple juice. But other than that? Awfully lame upgrade.

I got to AMS and traded my 6A for 6D (the last aisle seat available on AMS-IST). On that flight, the purser came through the plane with his printout, stopping and talking personally to everyone who was gold or better - even in Y. There were only 2 GE/PE folks in ES, so I was the third person he got to. Since I was flying in Y and coming off the lame "upgrade," I was very impressed by that level of attention. ^

The truly absurd thing is that when boarding ES at AMS, they called for passengers traveling in WBC! Ha! That's an even worse joke than NW's domestic "First" class.
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