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There are a lot of reasons why there are no non-stops to NYC from BUR on AA. And yet, I would give an arm to get one. B6 brought the only non-stop daily flight to JFK, and I don't see AA matching that flight for the same reasons that AA left LGB. It actually eroded their premium LAX-JFK traffic and was not a money maker even though loads were high.

Similarly, right before 9/11, DL announced non-stop service to ATL out of BUR. But it never happened immediately for obvious reasons. But they did start flying a few years later. I flew it many titmes and then they pulled it out for the winter, returning in the following spring, only to end the service completely a few months later. A good friend of mine at Delta told me the reason was that the revenue was just not there. The load was running in the mid 70s, which is profitable on most routes, but the revenue sucked. They weren't getting a lot of paid F, nor freight, and mostly T and U fares. I love to fly BUR to DFW and beyond on AA. But the fares are usually higher than flying out of LAX. I do fly BUR, but most of the time, it is out of LAX (on the BNA and EWR non-stops). Adding a flight to compete against B6 would also erode those fares on flights routed through DFW also.

Something else to consider is that because of the short runways, it can limit how many passengers are loaded on a JFK run. B6 frequently makes stops due to the Santa Anas or the heat at BUR. Even to DFW on AA, I have had to make 3 or 4 fuel stops in PHX before. It is not uncommon.

Finally, I would be surprised if the slots exist and BUR is slot controlled and they don't have any more gates to add, so who knows.
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