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I was actually on a CO flight Newark-HNL with them a few years ago after they had done a David letterman appearance. We were in CO's BusinessFirst section and their whole crew - probably 6-8 adults and a couple of kids - took up about half the section. They were fairly unruly and Dog kept complaining that he was never taking the direct flight again because he was going crazy because he couldn't smoke for 10 hours. They were yelling at the kids (small - a few years old) and shaking them a little bit, kids crying. Not quite what you would call abusive, but definitely uncomfortable where you wonder to yourself at what point do you say or do something.

I had my contacts out so i couldn't see that well and was trying to figure what was going on and i guess it looked like I was staring at them (which essentially i was) and Beth starts yelling at me to mind my own business, etc. etc. I just sort of chuckled and laughed at them as Dog was yelling at Beth - they are a mess.

Sad that people like that get rich and/or moderately famous.
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