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So, just guessing here... a "Gateway" city is one where there aren't a huge number of connecting NW flights, but there are a lot of connecting partner flights? Out of curiosity, would AMS be considered one too?
A Gateway city is considered a "strategic" asset. International departures and arrivals. Also has to do with scope language for employees. If NW should happen to sell off it's TPAC routes, the airline buying the routes would have to take NW employees if the employees would rather work for the new airline. SEA is a very senior FA base. These FA's live in SEA and fly primarily TPAC flights. If SEA were sold and no longer a base, these employees would either have to quit or start commuting to another base. The FA's would probably go with the flying to the new airline.

AMS and NRT I believe are considered strategic assests, but not Gateway cities.
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