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Odd questions by Immigration

Coming into JFK recently, I made the mistake of choosing a line manned by the 'Grand Inquisitor' type of immigration officer. While all other lines were sailing through relatively quickly, "GI" took his time.

When finally my turn came up, he started off with the usual "How long were you gone?" and "what do you do for a living?" irritants.

But then he asked for the name of my company. "ABD", I replied. (the name is one letter off compared with a similar but much better known name) "ABC??", he asked loudly. "No, ABD", I replied. "And what is it you do again?!" he asked loudly. "We make sell widgets overseas" "Do you have any widgets in your bag?!" "No, they weigh around 4000 pounds." I replied.
Now, I'm tired and cranky from a 10-hour flight, so I can't help but roll eyes. Then he states "Well I've never heard of that company" and proceeds to stare at me. So I stare back for about 10 seconds. He then stamps me through.

How many companies are there in the US these days? Hundreds of thousands just counting the larger ones? Do immigration officers memorize the Wilshire 5000 index as a basis for their employment?

I can understand the length of travel question, since US immigration does not do exit stamps (although I fail to see what difference it makes), but isn't it enough to see my electronic profile come up time and time again each time they swipe the passport?
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