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Originally Posted by euslaner View Post
Was on UA 932 IAD-FRA in C Saturday night (and in response to another post, yes my upgrade did clear at the gate--even though the flight had been overbooked because of a missed connection of another flight). Shortly before take-off my seatmate tipped over his champagne and it spilled over my seat. No big problem there, he didn't do it on purpose. But the crew seemed stumped and only retrieved a blanket to cover the soaking seat cushion when I asked for it. Rest of the flight was good (though it might have been nice if our water glasses were refilled) until breakfast. A FA gave my seatmate his OJ but put it between the tray and the arm rest, where it promptly spilled over my running pants (which I wear on flights for comfort). The FA took away some wet newspapers and put a few paper towels on the ground. She didn't notice that my pants were wet. I told her so and asked for another blanket and she originally said that the full flight didn't have any (but ultimately found one when I insisted) and then told me that my pants would dry eventually (I had another flight in several hours to Helsinki). I told her that I would need to have my pants cleaned and that I was rather uncomfortable with wet pants and she offered me a $25 UA certificate. I spoke with a more sympathetic purser, who admitted that this was not handled well (I was basically told to get over it) but said that she could not do anything more. I could write to CS, she said, which I intend to do. What compensation might I expect?
You should just sue them - anything less than a $500 cert would be an insult.
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