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Originally Posted by JDiver View Post
A new program for VIP pax is coming, according to AA: ConciergeKey Services, beginning May 1 2007.

This will apparently replace much of Premium Services, and is designed to help VIPs to AA by providing more concierge-like services, particularly the day of departure. Services will be provided by some EXP and IAD representatives, as well as on-site airport reps at 35 prime airports. I guess SMF will NOT have any.

Premium Customer Services (PCS) was created so that American Airlines could differentiate the airport experience of our most important customers from that of our competition. Over the years, this service has evolved and has been known by a variety of names: 'Special Services', Premium Customer Services, and PCS. The primary objective of PCS is to provide day-of-departure assistance for our VIP customers. The Reservations organization has also been an important component in providing our key customers with great service, but never more so than with this new product. Beginning May 1, 2007, a new service will be launched called ConciergeKey. Its focus is designed to help our most important customers stay "always connected" to someone at American Airlines who can help them on the day of departure. This new 24/7 phone service will be supported by the highly skilled reps of the Executive Platinum desk at the SERO and some specifically trained overnight IAD reps at the SRO. In addition to the on-phone assistance handled through Reservations, there is an on-concourse component to the ConciergeKey service that includes airport representatives in 35 key cities and trained management in all other AA airport locations.

Customers selected for ConciergeKey services will receive a card in the mail (oh, yeah, one more card!) Some of the services provided will include reroutes, flight and seat changes, airport meeting and assistance, upgrade requests, etc. (But will they help when someone rams your luggage cart in the First Class line?)

I guess recipients will know AA loves them, now "tangibilitized" with a new card. Not to mention, the intent is to help AA keep competitive for these valued folks.
AA can not, or will not, provide the basic services for travel and each week brings out a new program. The woman's website and now this.

If it were me I'd have a group of dedicated, customer service oriented folks looking at passengers who have millions of miles, have been gold, platinum, or explat, and all of a sudden drop off of the radar screen. A quick glance could tell you that they might have retired, or died, but most likely would tell you that you pushed them to another carrier. I'd then have those dedicated employees (if there are any) call them and say "Mr./Ms. Passenger, we are concerned about you and miss you. You used to fly AA "X miles" a year and we haven't seen you onboard for the past 6 months. Is something wrong?" Instead of pandering to a small group of VIP's get back to providing adequate and quality service to all of your passengers. Of course if you ask what is wrong you might hear things you really don't want to hear!

Just a suggestion of course!
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