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Originally Posted by YYZFlyboy View Post
I see that the part of the ticket that indicates how the ticket was actually paid for is conspiciously missing from the image on the post. If I was a betting man (which I'm not) I would wager that the ticket was bought with some poor unsuspecting buggers stolen credit card number.
Not sure how/where you see the payment information missing. Rememe also that this was a TA-issued ticket. They have arrangements. I would say it was on the TA's account with AC.

I also would be surprised if this were a case of CC fraud. Because it's a TA-issued ticket, and the name of the employee is there.

If it were, two weeks would probably not be enough for this to have come back already, *and* the employee would not be introuble and there would have been no reason for her to disappear. And that would be very stupid on the employee's part.

(I have been on the other end of this. Got a ticket charged to a CC of mine. Complained and got it credited back. But I would think there would have been at least a month until the thing would have come back to the airline.)
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