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Third FlyerTalk Trip Reports Photo Contest!

Welcome to the Third FlyerTalk Trip Reports Photo Contest!

This photo contest is generously sponsored by bdjohns1. Thank you Ben!

Originally Posted by bdjohns1
The theme for this contest will be "Red Rocks".

It's amazing what happens when you mix together a bunch of sand, a bit of iron oxide, and then let it get pushed around and eroded for millions of years.

Sometimes, you get something like this:

Delicate Arch, Arches NP, Utah

Or, something like this:

Antelope Canyon, near Page, AZ

Sometimes, the rock's not red, but the sun is:

Longs Peak, Rocky Mountain NP, Colorado

Show us your stuff - all your images need is red rock (and it doesn't have to be from the American Southwest *cough* Ayers Rock *cough*). It can be naturally red, or it could be lit red by the sun. Bricks are not rocks, however.

The first prize for this contest is being sponsored by bdjohns1. The winner will receive their choice of two of the three volumes in the "Photographing the Southwest" series. These books are a great way to both learn the techniques of taking great photographs in the American Southwest, as well as a guidebook to finding photogenic locations that you might otherwise miss.

Volume 1 - Utah - Amazon link
Volume 2 - Arizona - Amazon link
Volume 3 - Colorado/New Mexico - Amazon link


Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in the fun. Photographic composition is in the mind and eye of the photographer, not the equipment used. If you think your photograph is special, well, so do we!

The rules are simple:

1) Images must have been taken by the poster who links to them.

2) FlyerTalk does not have space to host images, but there are a number of free image hosting services on the web that will serve.

* See the Wikipedia page on photo sharing for a list of options, or use your own ISP.

3) You may submit up to two photographs per contest. Photos may be changed at will up to the end of the submission period. At the end of the submission period, the competition will be closed. The first contest will run for 14 days from today - until 6:00pm Pacific Daylight Time on April 29, 2007

4) Post-Processing - Nothing that substantially changes the image is allowed. Basically, what you see through your viewfinder is what we want to see. Digital cameras inherently post-process the images they record, so additional processing to modify contrast, sharpness, color balance, render B&W, etc is acceptable. That once-in-a lifetime shot of an Alaska Airlines Airbus A380 in flight is out-of-bounds.

5) Images may be at most 800 pixels along the largest dimension and a maximum of 200K in size. Most photo editing programs have a function that allows the creation of web-friendly images. If your source material allows, make your postings as large as possible without exceeding the posted limits. If you have questions about this, please contact birdstrike by PM and I’ll try to provide answers.

6) Copyright remains with the photographer. However, per the FlyerTalk FAQ:


While members own the content and interest in their posts, posting on FlyerTalk grants FlyerTalk and its subsidiaries the right to reproduce the content in any medium without notification or compensation. Members' posts cannot be printed or duplicated in any way by a third party without the consent of the authors. Once you submit a post, FlyerTalk has no obligation to remove or edit that post's content.
I interpret this to mean that FlyerTalk can delete any images found offensive and can use the low-res images provided for the contest in any non-exclusive, FlyerTalk-specific fashion. Everything else remains yours. Obligatory statement: I am not a lawyer.

7) At the end of the contest period, the photo posting thread will be closed and a separate thread will be created for voting. The image with the most votes at the end of the voting period will be declared the winner. The polling period will last for 1 week at which time a winner will be announced.

Voters will be asked to choose between the submitted images based on the entries visual appeal, artistry, composition, and aptness to the theme of the contest


Images can be inserted in Trip Reports posts by clicking on the "Insert Image" icon (small mountain on a yellow background) and adding the URL of the image to be displayed. Please add a brief title to your images to make tallying the votes easier. If you have been a lurker, and are now a new poster, images may not appear immediately, contact birdstrike with questions.

If you are using Photobucket: When looking at your Photobucket album, below the current image on the left side of the screen, there are three links. One is for URL link, the next is for HTML tag, and the third is for IMG code. Click on the IMG code button to get the link that you need for FlyerTalk images. You can just paste that link straight into your post. There is no need to click on the IMG tag button in FT, but it won't hurt if you do.

Picassa Galleries do not allow images to be linked from other websites.

If you can not see the images in the thread: Go to My FlyerTalk/Edit Options and check "Show Images (including attached images and images in [IMG] code)"

That will let you see everything in-line as it was designed to be shown.

In addition to the superlative First Prize mentioned above, this months Second prize will be five FT luggage tags. Third prizes will be three FT luggage tags. In the event of a tie, the poster who first reached the winning number of votes (as judged by the FT post timestamp) will be declared the winner. Multiple prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the sponsor.

Enjoy, and let the photos fly!


Many thanks to our moderators, B747-437B and onedog, for volunteering the additional work this contest will require!

Please send your thoughts on future competition themes to birdstrike. I'd like to see this as an ongoing part of the Trip Reports experience.

If you would be interested in a new FT forum on travel related photography and techniques, please join the TalkBoard Topics discussion-in-progress here.

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