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Customer Service Debacle - please help

Hi, Everyone,

About two weeks ago, I logged into my US Air Dividend Miles account. I had a lot of trouble logging in, and after saying I lost my login info (which I had not), I answered a ton of questions and got into my account. I was surprised to see I had a 0 mile balance. I went to my profile and was very surprised to see that an email I had never heard of was my email address. [email protected]. I contacted customer service stating my concern that someone had hacked into my account and taken my miles. I received a standard email stating that miles are forfeited after 18 months of no use and that emails stating this policy change had been sent. I thought we had three years during which to have activity, so I had been focusing on keeping my accounts active on other airlines.

US Air did not address the issue of whether my miles had been redeemed (by someone else!) or forfeited. I wrote back to CS reiterating my point that since someone had changed the email on my account, I did not know of the policy change, or I would have made sure to have a qualifying activity. My last activity was June 2005.

I got a second response that was identical to the first one that did not address my particular issues. Their response was this:

1. Pay $100.00 reactivation fee which is based on the number of miles
being reinstated.
2. Earn miles with one of our credit card partners.
3. Purchase and fly a First Class or Envoy trip on US Airways / America
West in fare codes A. F, C, D or Z. (GoFirst, GoEnvoy, GoSleeper
upgrades are not valid to reinstate forfeited miles.)

These options are time sensitive. The timeframe during which you may
reinstate forfeited miles may vary, depending on your last activity date
at the time you forfeited your miles and which option you choose.

Does anyone on FT know of a more helpful email address I can use to try to get my miles reactivated given my unusual situation without paying a fee? I won't be able to fly first class, and due to my credit score, I really can't open a credit card I don't need. Can anyone offer me any advice?

Thank you,

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