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I am writing this from the W New York (Lexington). What a dump!

I reserved a day or two ago: king bed nonsmoking. Arrived tonight and was offered "queen smoking."

The best she could do for nonsmoking was a room with two twin beds. And the room is small and sorely in need of a facelift.

I called a manager to ask why my room request was ignored on both counts. He explained that they are full. I asked, "don't you get a list of Golds and Plats who are arriving to make sure that satisfactory rooms are held ahead of time?" He said they do. I asked a few more questions and learned that only one floor, of about 16 or so, is smoking. I also learned that of 600+ rooms, only 60 are twin beds. I think I got shafted pretty good. Plus, in speaking with him, I got a heaping serving of "W arrogance."

I made a res for tomorrow night at Le Parker Méridien. I hope that works out better! Suggestions for next week's stay? Midtown location is preferred.
I try to avoid the W New York after reading many horror stories about the hotel. It seems to be one of the last SPG hotels to get full in NYC so if the choice is between the Sheraton H&T or Manhattan, I always choose the W NY. I have stayed there 5 times and I've always been lucky as Gold (haven't stayed there since I became Plat). 3 of the times they have offered me to buy up to a suite for 50 bucks or 80 bucks a night, which I have always taken, the other 2 times I was upgraded to a suite.

Again, I always stay at the W Court or the Tuscany in NYC. The rooms are 400 sqft to begin with, so you can't go wrong. The people over there are a lot friendlier and the prices are decent
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