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I wouldn't think twice about doing this ... I don't think the trains would be too full but it should be OK (and the Exchange Place PATH station is next to the Hyatt).

Originally Posted by jayer View Post
Area residents or perhaps someone who has tried it on vacation, would you take the Metro subway and PATH back to the Jersey City Hyatt after an evening Broadway show? Still full of riders or creepy empty by that time of night? Is there any better public alternative?

My understanding is the PATH terminal is just across the street from the hotel? Is that correct?

Have been in the Grand Hyatt several times since the Stanhope closed, but by now I've burned all my FFN's and points. I'm not used to doing NYC on a hotel budget, and Jersey City is booking for way less than Manhattan comps right now. Always wanted to stay there just for the view anyway, but it never worked out.

I got used to taking the Lexington Avenue express bus or subway back to the Stanhope after curtain. They were always pretty crowded even that time of night, and obviously it was mostly through the high rent district. For Jersey City were talking changing trains and much more distance. Please tell me if I'm being paranoid to ask the question, or you would never recommend it that late.
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