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Originally Posted by Jenbel View Post
In honesty, we've been trying to get better at doing that - so go look at the LH and LX forums, and when we started discussing what would happen in the private forum, there was a thread started in both of those (and I should know, I started them ) directing people to thread asking for their input.

I think it has to be targeted though - I know some forums where they hate unnecessary stickies, so putting in a sticky about something proposed on a unrelated airline forum would go down like a lead balloon. And some proposals (such as the photography one) have no obvious place to put up stickies. We probably were remiss in not posting into OMNI, but the OMNI-ites took care of that themselves!
I was thinking of the stickey (or notification) not sure what it's called that sometimes appears above all forums that FT/HOM does for things that cross across all forums - ie, travel photos for example, but targeted when possible works for me such as you mentioned doing in the LH.

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