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When asking for input on TB motions/proposals, should there be a sticky?

Watching the train wreck that is the 'asking for input on the OMNI post count' thread started me thinking. It's stated that TB is (hopefully) reflecting the wishes of the FT members or thinking of the FT community as a whole when considering & making its decisions.

If that's the case, when asking for input on a proposal (whether OMNI, travel photography, merging the LH forum, fill in the blank), should there be a sticky that appears for a couple of days atop each forum alerting FT members to it & directing them to the Talkboard forum? Doesn't have to be for the entire period discussion is open (although that's an option), but at least a few days.

I know that I for one rarely check Talkboard & only knew about the OMNI post count thread because it was referenced in a dif thread on Community. I would hazard a guess that I'm not the only one who rarely goes to TB.

But if we truly wanted input beyond just a few folk, to me having a sticky alerting FTers to the discussion area makes sense.

Just a thought. Have no idea if a motion needs to be made & seconded or it's something that can just be done, but thought I'd throw it out there for consideration.

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