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UA 907 ORD-SFO 4/5: OLCI Glitch?

To make a long story short I had to change my itinerary to match my co-workers last minute. I was traveling on F SFO/BOS Y BOS/ORD B ORD/SFO.

I called the GS desk and requested a change from UA 155 to UA 907. Happily the GS angel processed my request and PA waitlisted me. She even offered to try to confirm th u/g with IM before I got off the phone. No luck.

Today, prior to my flight I try to view My Itinerary and it was down. Then I proceed to OLCI, which does not pull up UA 907, but confirms me for an u/g on UA 155.

I called UGS to correct and the agent said the e-ticket was never re-fared, but the itinerary was changed. She corrected and said I should be fine.

Meanwhile, the said co-worker who is a 1Plite confirms an upgrade to C on UA 907.

I proceed to check My Itinerary and it shows me waitlisted for u/g UA907 and
still confirmed for F on UA 155. I try OLCI again, and it still only shows UA 155.

Called GS again and explained again. The agent confirmed everything is in order and said I am confirmed in Y and waitlisted in C!!! I promptly inquired why a 1P would clear before a UGS1K on the same fare. She looked into and simple said hold on. Two minutes of clicking away and presto I was confirmed in C.


Is this a common error when changing flights? I have noticed that whenever I change my flight it always only clears at the gate, never before hand.

What should I have done if the u/g was unavailable b/c of this glitch, but a 1P cleared before a UGS when both were waitlisted on the same flight?
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