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yo kid,

You're 100% dead on with your assessment. Don't let the emotional redcoats here fool you - they're drinking too much of the nwa kool-aid (james page?).

The same points have been brought up by myself and others before. We stay with NWA b/c of the FF program (bonus, promotions, upgrades) ONLY. Everything else is bottom of the barrel (IFE, FC seats, meals, etc.)

The issues you mention are quite noticeable with trans-con flights. NWA doesn't (and can't) compete in the heavy, business trans-con LAX,SFO,NYC,BOS markets. They can get away with lower level of services. Have you been to the LAX WC? It's a joke....

I give NWA leadership a lot of credit for the "business" they run. However, let's not fool ourselves with what product they truly have and target.
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