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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by flyboy7974:
i highly disagree with you about the audio/visual portion, this is why i stopped flying nwa, lack of ife. i enjoy the f cabin on america west. i enjoyed most of my experiences with co in f, but their f/a always seem to have a stick up their _ _ _! alaska air also had a nice f product, but recent catering cutbacks have hurt i think.</font>
I think most domestic/Intl IFE is second rate.

If you fly to AMS for example, how often do you find a first rate (current in theatres) movie to watch.

Aren't most IFE choice 3-4 months (or more!) out of date?

I think in domestic FC most pax want a quiet FC cabin, enjoy the extra seat pitch (and seat width) and if a FC pax wants to watch a movie they have the DVD player and the movie.

Personally, I think the airlines spending a lot of $$$$ on domestic IFE and paying big $$$$ for the IFE content (whether anyone watches it or not) is not good business.

Just my opinion

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