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NW Domestic First Class - Worst in the industry???

Being NW Platinum for five straight years, I have gotten to know NW pretty darn well. I have also on occasion flown CO, AA, UA, and other majors "up front". The inflight experiences in FC on all other carriers has been MUCH better than NW. Here are a few examples:

NW - VERY scratchy cloth seats
Others - Leather

NW - Rarely FC pillows
Others - Dedicated "nicer" pillows up front

NW - ABSOLUTELY ZERO domestic inflight music/movies
Others - Full selection

NW - NO FIRST CLASS MEAL SELECTION in the last 2 or 3 seats
Others - Several (more than two) selections

I am not complaining, since I happily upgrade for free on discount tickets, - I am simply making an observation. That is why I think NW can NEVER go the route that CO has gone by not giving full mileage credit on discount tickets. The FFers would bolt in a heartbeat if the WP program made that change.
If NW ever demanded that their FFers needed to pay a "premium" (non-discount fares) for their Elite level status, then NW would have to provide a "premium" product. Or most FFers would leave. Instantly & without hesitation.
We will ALWAYS fly NW because of the WP program, NOT because of the in-flight amenities. Lets face it, we all fly NW because of the huge mileage bonuses and the auto upgrades.
NW knows that their "product" is not even on the same planet as most other carriers (except SW), so they realize that they MUST keep the same (or better) FF benefits to retain the FFers. NW is simply not in a position to make achieving Elite-level status harder.
All I know is that if I paid $1800 for a FC ticket and I was sitting in 4D on an A319, & the FA told me my only option for breakfast was a bowl of Cheerios, I would be extremely disappointed. Even the guy in 22E gets a meal choice!!!!!
That is why we have NOTHING to fear as FFers. NW recognizes this and will never, ever demand higher fares for elite status like other airlines. They know they do not have the product & service to back it up with!!!
Can you guys please let me know who has the worst domestic FC? I hope I am not off-base with this post. (Just joined the board this week!!). THANKS SO MUCH!!
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