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Originally Posted by airoli View Post
IMHO all general Miles & More discussions in the future should be held in this M&M forum, and only here.
As there was and is only one dedicated forum for these topics, members should do this up to now. However, some members donít follow TOS.

Originally Posted by airoli View Post
However, I also strongly suggest to change the current Swiss Travel Club forum to a subforum ŗ la AF/KL for LX (and renaming it accordingly, perhaps "M&M airlines other than LH"), because there are numerous LX-specific topics (seating, service, lounges, routes, airport tipps etc.) that have so far been discussed on the STC forum. A look at the amount of posts there shows that it's anything but dead.
If you like to draw attention whatís personally important for you (= to acquire premium passenger to transfer at ZRH), than you start threads in the MAM forum.

MAM is also the FFP of Adria Airways, Air Dolomiti, Air One, Austrian, Croatia Airlines and LOT Polish Airlines. Discussions about airline related topics of these airlines running on MAM board smoothly for years. Although M+ board is much bigger in size, there is no forum for TED.

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Ö One thing we are aware of, following those two mergers, is that merging a board is not as simple as just joining them together, and that if the boards have very different cultures, it can be very problematic for the users.
Talking about LH and LX, this was not a merger, it was an acquisition.

As Frequence Plus and Flying Dutchmen discontinued operations and Flying Blue was born, the new FFP of AF/KL was similar designed as Frequence Plus. IMO there was a culture shock for former Flying Dutchmen members as the new FFP of their [i]beloved airline[/I ] is not as generous as the former. For these members this was much more problematic than the different cultures of Frequence Plus and Flying Dutchmen forums.
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