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On January 1st 2003 Qualiflyer (now located in “Discontinued Programs/Partners” section) went out of business. SWISS TravelClub (STC), Privilege (brussels airlines) and Navigator (TAP, now Victoria) were born and Qualifyer member had the option to transfer their miles into one of these FFPs (as LOT joined *A, members residing in Poland had the additional option to transfer their miles into Miles & More). On this BB, STC got their own forum, discussions about Privilege and Navigator (now Victoria) are grouped into European FFP forum.

STC had a short live for only 3 ¼ years, as this FFP discontinued operations almost a year ago. 900K members transferred their miles into MAM and if you look at the grid, a “Discontinued Programs/Partners” section exists. I have no idea, why STC was not transferred into this section. However, Randy Petersen, the former owner of this board announced his planes rather than merely move former forums to the discontinued area, to let them continue as sub-forums in the program that it is being moved to. I don’t know, why these planes didn’t come into effect.

If you compare AF/KL with LH/LX, please bear in mind that Frequence Plus (AF) and Flying Dutchmen (KL) went out of business as Flying Blue was born while SWISS TravelClub discontinued operation, but Miles & More (MAM) stays alive. In other words, situation for MAM member didn’t change while former STC members had the option to transfer their miles into MAM.

Up to now discussions about AF/KL are structured in three forum: Flying Blue, Air France, KLM (IMO last two with misleading titles as discontinued forum still named). Discussions about LH/LX are structured in two forum: Lufthansa Miles & More (including discussions about Adria Airways, Air Dolomiti, Air One, Austrian, Croatia Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines) and SWISS TravelClub (misleading title). IMO the last forum should be only used for SWISS Topics not related to MAM.

Following the AF/KL path, LH/LX would be split up into three forum: Miles & More for mileage related topics and Lufthansa et al and SWISS for airlines related topics. I don’t support this approach: As there are already discussions on the current Lufthansa Miles & More board about mileage and airline related topics, I would not destroy a healthy scheme.

Thus one question remains: Where to discuss about SWISS International Airlines related topics? I would do this within the current Lufthansa Miles & More board which is medium sized and move the current SWISS TravelClub board to Discontinued Programs/Partners” section. If this is not a valuable solution, I would not change anything besides the forum title into SWISS International Airlines (but delete the outdated referrer
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