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I would say (and I hope I don't hurt any Swiss feelings):

Yes, the STC forum should be merged into the M&M forum.

1) Currently, even questions on OS are dealt with in the M&M forum, although OS is less integrated with LH than LX. Why should LX have its own forum then and not OS?

2) Swiss Travel Club does not exist anymore. Anybody who hasn't been following FFP history will not even know what this forum refers to.

3) Threads on LX are interesting for M&M members as the rules on LX are similar to LH, and should be expected to become increasingly aligned. This would stop us from having to monitor two forums.

4) There are quite a lot less posts in the STC forum than in the M&M forum, so integrating the two should not lead to information overload in the M&M forum.

5) The culture and posters in both the M&M and the STC forum are very similar.

Therefore, my suggestion: Make the current STC forum a sub-forum of the M&M forum, but close it for new threads. This would allow the history of the STC to be preserved (and discussion on historical threads to be continued) while all new issues can be discussed in the M&M forum.

On top of that it should be made clear that all threads regarding OS, LO or the smaller M&M members should be located in the M&M forum as well.

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