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Due to the issues with the FlyerTalk WAP (Wireless Cellular Phone Access) site and DST, I have revised my posts only to place them in the correct posting order. The original content is unchanged - I just reordered the posts to make it easier to read:

Wirelessly posted (probably driving while typing: BlackBerry8703e/4.1.0 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/105)
I just had a lovely flight on Horizon Ont-pdx. I chatted with both fas, ate my lunch, and had 2 beers. I was seated in the next to last row of the crj-700. On landing, I felt between my seats and found a nice surprise, a 12 inch ginzu knife. I immediately pointed it and handed it to the fa. She asked if it was mine. I have been through tsa 2x today, most recently as a SSSS and passed without incident. I was in contact with a ginzu yesterday, but this obviously is not mine and I told her so. As I left she said she was going to look around the seat for anything else suspicious. I am headed to pdx rcc now. Should I expect tsa to meet me at my next flight? Do I have to worry about becoming a tsa vip? I am up in the ua rcc right now if anyone is looking for me afterall.

I rarely wander into this forum, but would appreciate your advice. In my 500k of lifetime flying, this is a first for me and a bit scarry. Thanks for your advice, Mrp Alert.

Here is what should have been my second post. After this, the thread is basically in order.
I am about to leave the RCC for my Horizon flight home. It is supposed to be the same flight crew as my earlier flight. Have not seen any LEOs yet, but who knows what I will find at the gate.

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