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The luck (unluck of the draw)

Originally Posted by broolio View Post
I was scheduled to fly MKE-EWR on Sun, 2/25, the day of the much anticipated blizzard. I called the Executive line the day before to see if they had cancelled anything in advance and she said "No, but we're asking people to rebook now and not charging a rebooking fee (which evidently they do if you were to rebook before your flight was canceled) in order to make Sunday not as painful for them." So I did... and the snow never came and my never on-time flight to EWR landed 10 minutes early while I was sitting in my living room waiting another day to fly.
FYI- Your experience is in line with what I had heard. The last weekend in February, Midwest canceled a bunch of flights, many of which did not need to be canceled, and they stranded a bunch of people as well.

However, during this last weather event this past Thursday and Friday, 1&2 Mar., when they should have been canceling flights promptly, they weren't, and not only that, a rebook required a management consultation. Operations were a mess from what I heard.

Clearly, as a result of getting so badly burned the last weekend of February, all of the sudden they went into unreasonable mode.

Look, nobody controls the weather. What Midwest and all the airlines need to do is implement a flexible weather waiver, that allows you, the customer to make your own decision. They should try to sustain their ops. as best as possible, Cancel flights when needed, and give PROMPT notification to flyers and PROMPT posting to the website.
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