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I think I know what you mean. While I have very rarely had any trouble with Northwest's web site, I ran across a couple of other glitches in the system. In those cases, I did a little research to see what exactly the problem was, how to work around it, and (as a byproduct) how it could maybe get fixed by Northwest. It can be demotivating to not find anybody to listen to your input and take it seriously - but that seems to be a problem common to all large corporations. They probably get so much "feedback" of questionable value that a really good comment every now and then (like the one you tried to submit) totally disappears in the noise. It's not nice, but that's how it is.

With all that said, I believe Northwest was (and still is) praised industry wide for having one of the best internet sites out there. Your experience was bad, but maybe you should give them another chance sometime - you might find out that it was really just a rare glitch.

- Martin
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