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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by AviationFan:

When you arrive in AMS from London, you'll be in the "Schengen" area - in other words, you'll still need to go through passport control to get to the gate for your intercontinental flight.
Actually the UK is not part of Schengen. It's the EU minus UK & Ireland PLUS Norway & Iceland, IIRC. (UK wants to control their own borders thus no Schengen - and Ireland because you can freely move between UK & Ireland. As far as Iceland & Norway, they are part of the Nordic free movement area, thus their inclusion in the Schengen treaty).

Arriving from London - chrisny2, you will be in the International Area (likely the lower level of Pier D - the upper level is Schengen). As the you will be in the International area, you can just make your way over to Pier E for your NW flight to DTW.

With four hours, it might be cutting it close to get into the city. The boarding time on the NW flight will likely be 90 minutes prior, plus you must clear secondary security at the gate. You can probably make it into the city for an hour, but you'd almost be turning around once you got into the city.

There's many things to do at Schiphol and a four hour layover should go by in no time.



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