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When you arrive in AMS from London, you'll be in the "Schengen" area - in other words, you'll still need to go through passport control to get to the gate for your intercontinental flight. I believe the only restriction as far as moving around the airport goes is that once you have gone through passport control (to the E and F gates) you need to stay in that area. The reason I say this is when you go through passport control (in either direction), they look at your boarding pass for your (connecting) flight. Not sure if they would let you go through unless you are catching a flight on the other side of passport control.

With four hours to spare, you may even be able to go into the city of Amsterdam by bus or train. Haven't tried it myself, but if that interests you you should search this forum for postings by others. Or if you are into art, there is a small museum in the intercontinental part of the terminal that shows some work of Rembrandt and others. Look at for more information on what to do at Schiphol airport.


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