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You go through passport control (= immigrations) in Amsterdam. The checkpoint is between concourse E (where you'll arrive on NW metal) and the part of the terminal called "Schengen" (referring to the countries of the European Union that allow seemless travel between them). From my experience, depending on the time of day the wait can be anywhere from nothing to 15 minutes. Most of the time they have different lines for people with European passports and everybody else, so make sure you join the line that is right for you - you don't want to be turned away after waiting for a while in the wrong line.

Your checked luggage will go all the way to VCE (that's the plan, at least) without you ever seeing it in Amsterdam. Consequently, the customs inspection doesn't happen before you get to your final destination. I haven't been to VCE myself, but in most European airports the inspection is rather informal, if you even talk to a customs officer at all. They usually have two exits from the baggage claim area, one that says "nothing to declare" (in green color), the other one for people bringing in items that need to be declared (colored red). More than likely, you'll find signs posted in the baggage claim area that tell you what can and what cannot be brought into the country for free. By the way, this whole procedure is very different when you come back to the US from overseas, but you probably already know that.

75 minutes should be more than enough time to connect. I have flown through Amsterdam more than a dozen times in the last few years and never needed that much time. And the difference between the first and the last row of seats in the DC-10 shouldn't be more than maybe five minutes.

Enjoy your trip!

- Martin
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