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Hi All,

I know this is a random question, but in December I was flying DCA-DTW the Saturday before Christmas. It was a very elite light plane and there were a ton of op-ups (I was in First, naturally). The person who boarded the plane in front of me wore a NW badge that had in big letters at the top "Volunteer." Although he was up front I was not sitting near here, otherwise I would have been sure to ask him what the duties and benefits of being a volunteer were.

Has anyone heard of a NW Volunteer program? (I swear I had only been at the WC for an hour, so I couldn't have been too far gone...) Does anyone know the duties and responsibilities? Benefits?

Could have been a number of programs he was involved in:

ASSIST (don't recall what the letters actually stand for)- which is a program consisting of 100s of employees throughout the system who are utilitzed in the event of an aircraft accident (dealing with information, the families, and vendors/etc required when a disaster occurs). Training programs are held a number of times each year.

Habitat for Humanity- many familiar with this. NW has a number of employees who volunteer on behalf of the airline.

Employee Appreciation Events- staffing for registration/information booths, coordinating, etc. The last one I remember was in November, if memory serves me correctly at the Mall of America/Camp Snoopy.

NW Retirees - there is a volunteer program for retirees who work in various airports assisting with providing information/assistance to customers.
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