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Originally Posted by bhatnasx View Post
What airport were you at? I've never had that happen (and I've definitely been issued new BP's at the WC. What about connecting passengers? When I fly from say DCA-DTW-SAN for example, I get my BP for DCA-DTW checked at DCA, but my DTW-SAN BP's doesn't get written on at all. Most of the airports that have WC's inside of security are also airports one can connect through. IMHO, that was a really crappy gate agent & I would definitely bring it up with NW management as its not your fault & I (personally) don't think the GA was doing her job correctly.
The GA is following procedure, stupid as the procedure is.

Originally Posted by slippahs View Post
So then what happens with seat assignment changes with a new BP card?
A new BP for the same flight doesn't necessarily (or generally) spit out a BP with haraSSSSment selection.

Also, an agent issuing a boarding pass airside that pops up with haraSSSSment selection can remove it manually and reissue the boarding pass again. [A landside agent can remove it too, if they know what they are doing.]

One of the more unusual ones encountered is when a person is not a haraSSSS-ment selectee on their first (one or two) boarding pass but is on their second or third (connecting) flight boarding pass on the same itinerary. (This is a more recent tweak.) In the case of NW/CO connections at EWR this is at least partially "fixed" (i.e., programming-wise made permanent) into the engine to come out as such more often. Is that because of terminal change there?

Originally Posted by BigFlyer View Post
This kind of makes sense. If a boarding pass has SSSS on it, TSA is supposed to make a notation on it that you have been screened.

So, it stands to reason that if the WC issues you a new boarding pass on it, which still contains the SSSS, then you will be presenting an SSSS boarding pass at the gate without the TSA notation that you have been screened.

I'm not quite sure what the WC can do in this situation. Don't know if they can issue you a BP without the SSSS, they probably can't override. And, if they give you a new BP with the SSSS, there probably is no notation that they can make that would be allowed (they are not TSA.)

Now, in a logical world, they should issue you a new BP with the SSSS, and you should be able to retain your old BPs with the TSA notation showing you were screened, and this should be accepted at the gate as proff of screening. However, given that we are talking TSA here which is part of the Bizarro world and not the logical world, this might not work.
Overriding haraSSSSment selection is possible.

In a logical world, haraSSSSment selection would be scrapped at airports because it's a process full of holes. 1) It wastes resources; and 2) it is easily circumvented even if in some fantasy world the "secondary screening" was actually effective (which it isn't).

Originally Posted by Vegas Agent View Post
Actually, the agent boarding the flight was doing their job correctly. We are required to verify that a selectee has completed the secondary screening process prior to boarding them on a flight. The TSA has a special stamp or hole-punch to indicate such on a boarding pass, if that doesn't exist on a boarding pass, we are required to send the customer back for screening, which, can cause a person to miss his/her flight.
Do most gate agents know, even as they are required to be complicit in this TSA show, that this gate check procedure is a waste that does nothing for flight security and is easily circumvented, right?

Originally Posted by SchmutzigMSP View Post
Even with SSSS, they never check the connecting boarding passes as alluded to by bhatnasx. The GA was simply uncooperative and uninformed. Thanks for the post. I, too, would like to know the airport. I've never had this happen to me and you should definitely report it.
IIRC, those on "connecting" boarding passes were to be exempted initially; but since the right hand doesn't know what the left hand's doing, one of the hands advocated on behalf of including "connecting" flight passengers under some particular circumstances while the other hand said "connecting" flight passengers should be exempted generally.

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