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I think your post is rather confusing. I believe you're saying that if your boarding pass is marked "SSSS" that it needs to be indicated on your new boarding pass, if you're upgraded at the WC.

Originally Posted by tkb View Post
(I'm sure that most of you already know this but just in case )

I just found out this afternoon that if you get new seats at the worldclub, you have to be SURE that your new boarding passes are stamped/marked/initiated/SOMETHING so as to indicate that you have already gone through your TSA secondary screening. Otherwise, during BOARDING, the gate agents can require you to go BACK through security (which will, of course, necessitate you missing your flight).

(This ALMOST happened to me today. I was at the airport three hours early with my preschooler; we were required to go through secondary screening and we did; we checked into the worldclub and they graciously gave us (much) better seats and new boarding passes; and three hours later, we went to board. BUT THEN, when they scanned our boarding passes, the gate agent pulled us out of line and in a not-very-friendly-pretty-much-yelling-at-us-tone said, "HOW did you get to the gate? Did you go through SECURITY?" ("Of course," I replied.) "Did you go through SCREENING?" ("Absolutely. Of course.")

"Well, I need PROOF that you went through security!" ("Excuse me?")
"WHERE did you get these boarding passes?" ("At the club.")
"OUR club?" ("Yes, of course.")
"This says that you have to go through SECONDARY SCREENING!" ("Yes, m'am. And we did. Every inch of our bags were searched.")
"I need PROOF of this!" ("????")

Finally, they made a bunch of calls while my daughter and I stood to the side hoping that we would actually get to be home tonight.
And we are.

But a word to the wise -- don't forget to get proof of secondary screening if you get new seats/boarding passes at the worldclub!
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