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I hope you guys are all getting a kick out of this, because it keeps getting better and better I'm taking tomorrow afternoon off and going to Hong Kong for the weekend, so I can't get too upset about this, but it's getting a little ridiculous.

I just got a call from one of the people I'm going with who has been dealing with our office's travel department. I asked them to put in my AA FF number so I'd at least get the miles in an account I might actually use in the future, when they made the reservation. Ehhh. No. Wrong answer.

They can put in my AA number, but then I won't have a chance at getting my "magical mystery complimentary" upgrade. I need to be using a JAL FF account for that. Also, JAL is a client of ours (if you find their website as difficult to use as I do, now you know why), and they would probably generally prefer if I credited the miles to a JAL account.

I've almost given up at this point, but I figure I'll give them my JAL FF number, and if the upgrade doesn't clear they can sub my AA number in at the gate right? If only this trip was next month when JAL was officially in OW!

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