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Originally Posted by AlexS View Post

Part of the problem is that I only speak a little Japanese, and basically can't read anything, so trying to talk to our travel people is tough. There are a couple people in my department that usually help me take care of stuff like this, but as far as they're concerned, I have a ticket, so who cares if it isn't my airline of choice. They're all really nice, and generally very helpful, but they're not into this kind of stuff.
Here's a quick Japanese lesson:

"Japan Air Lines - Iye!, American Airlines - Hai!! Wakarimasu ka?"

Originally Posted by AlexS View Post
Also, when I spoke to the person arranging the trip (who speaks nearly perfect English), I mentioned how if we were flying Y, maybe we could take AA because of the power issue. For those of you that have worked with Japanese people/corporations before, I got the "Oh, maybe. We'll have to look into that." and then my ticket confirmation arrived a few hours later.
Since your travel arranger holds you in such contempt, I'd fire his/her okole (Hawaiian) and use someone else or book trips yourself in the future.
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