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Originally Posted by Pickles View Post
Ahh grasshoppa! But you are clearly wearing the wrong headset. Time for a refresh and a reboot, and a circle-back after the nemawashi.

Have you considered (obviously, not, since you are clearly a selfish barbarian hairy water buffalo) that if our young AlexS flies in the plane with the powerport, his colleagues will not, and that will not be fair? Have you not given any thought to the fairness of the issue? Apparently not, and you shall have to attend mandatory training on that.
Fairness? Fairness? This is Japan...we don't need to be fair, just consistent

By the way to make matters worse, I was printing out my AA mileage statement (I haven't gotten my plat card yet), and I have 3,490 miles towards upgrades. I'm taking CX to HKG on Friday, that's another 3,682 miles for a total of 7,172. I could have gotten four more stickers too!
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