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I think this makes the most sense

Originally Posted by weezl View Post
Take Sepulveda South about 3 miles. If you go left on Rosecrans, on the right after about 3 stoplights is Houstons, a popular chain restaurant but long wait times (you get pagers). In that mall is a take-out Mexican place and take-out Chinese. On the other side of Rosecrans (left) is the Daily Grill restaurant, large menu, a tad pricey. I like it. There is also a Macaroni Grill and a CozyMel's that I would avoid. Further down on the right is Il Fornaio, great Italian chain (but it doesn't feel like a chain). Further down from there about a mile is the 405 N entrance, which will get you to the 105W in 1 mile and on your way to DL. This is all about 4 miles out of your way from LAX.

Also, left at the light just past Rosecrans is a mall, with a CPK in it and Chong's Chinese (good, nice atmosphere), and a "LA Food Show".

Really, along Sepulveda south of Rosecrans there are are tons of places. None are more than 3 miles from the 405. All are 'safe' 'hood-wise

Have fun!
Il Fornaio is a great Italian choice. But depending on budget, there's also El Pollo Loco and Sizzler next to each other in El Segundo. Has anyone eaten at the Proud Bird lately?
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