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Originally Posted by vandalby View Post
James, could you give us some more insights into the complexities? Personally, it's difficult for me to understand why I hear so often that no suites are available for my stay when the web or a call to reservations tells me otherwise.
I'm not James, and he is certainly welcome to elaborate on what complexities he has in mind further, but - from looking into these things in the past - here is my perspective:

1) the suite you are seeing online or are asking about from the Customer Contact Center may not be a standard suite.

2) the hotel's open sell status is set to allow over-booking and the suite that you and the Customer Contact Center are seeing really isn't available.

3) the smoking/bedding preference in your originally-booked reservation do not match those of an available suite.

4) the suite may not be available for your entire stay.

5) the suite may be legitimately in open sell status; however, at the time you arrive, it is not available for occupancy because another Platinum member exercised his option to stay until 4 PM.

There is not a doubt in my mind that some properties withhold the benefit for whatever reason and we always follow up on such instances when they occur and are reported to us, but 95% of the time I've reviewed the situation, it falls within the five previously-mentioned categories and this leads to a misperception of the circumstances.


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